1. JBT FORMCOOK Combi Cooker

    ****WELL PRICED****


    Model CC12100

    Teflon bottom belt

    Convection hot air 265C

    Direct steam injection

    1200mm belt width x 10000mm cooking length

    Thermal oil heating 

    PLC controlled

    A versatile large scale and continuous "gourmet cooker" for the food industry. Combine intensive conduction (contact) heat transfer with convection (heated air), steam and optional product flip. Use a solid and stick-free product belt that handle wet sticky and marinated products as well as mashed potato and products in trays. Superior frying, browning and searing capability for minced and bone-in meats, irregular, round and three dimensional food products. The Combi cooker brown, sear, bake and steam of a large variety of animal and vegetable food products.

    • Ideal for portions with 2 to 15 min cooking time
    • Superior for browning and searing
    • Fat free cooking - eliminate the cost, dangers and health issues related to deep fat frying.
    • Eliminate embarrassing belt marks on products
    • Provide a home cooked taste and appearance to foods
    • Quick product changes without stopping, cooling and cleaning between changes
    • Combine 260°C conduction (contact) cooking with 280°C heated air and steam
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